EXCiPACT looks back on successful start to 2017

(IPEC Europe)

As the first six months of 2017 draws to a close EXCiPACT can look back on a successful half with 14 new certifications completed year to date, bringing the total number issued to date at 55. It is notable that all but one of the suppliers certified in 2013 and early 2014 have been re-certified for another three years.

There has also been development among EXCiPACT's certification partners, with Certiquality Italy joining  AENOR, AJA Europe, Blue inspection body, BV China, DQS, and SGS  and becoming the association's seventh registered certifying body.

Meanwhile, the EXCiPACT Board has updated the 2012 version of its Quality Manual (and by-laws) to reflect changes to the organisation’s governance, structure and business relations, and is in the process of revising the EXCiPACT Standards. A significant number of comments have been received during the public consultation period on the standards revision, and a review meeting is planned to consider those responses. As it stands, the publication of the new standards is still expected well before the year end.

Looking to the latter half of the year, EXCiPACT will run a one-day seminar in Shanghai, China on 14 July featuring speakers from the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), excipient suppliers and users, IPEC-China, SGS Asia/Pacific and EXCiPACT vice-president Sarbari Roy.

It is also planning an auditor training course in Milan in September specifically for candidates from two of its certification bodies, and a webinar intended to raise the profile of EXCiPACT in the US is scheduled for October.