IPEC Federation

The IPEC Federation is a global organization that promotes quality in pharmaceutical excipients. The IPEC Federation represents the five existing regional International Pharmaceutical Excipient Councils (IPECs) - IPEC-Americas, IPEC Europe, IPEC Japan, IPEC China and IPEC India - and provides a unified voice to promote the best use of excipients in medicines as a means of improving patient treatment and safety.

Excipients play a critical role in the manufacture of medicines by helping to preserve the efficacy, safety, and stability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and helping to ensure that they deliver their promised benefits to patients.

Optimal use of excipients provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with drug development cost-savings, enhanced functionality capability and can also assist in drug formulation innovation.

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IPEC Federation Position Paper on Supply Chain Security of Pharmaceutical Grade Excipients

The IPEC Federation has published a new position paper on Supply Chain Security for Pharmaceutical Grade Excipients on 23 May 2019. Supply chain security requires the protection and control more >

IPEC Federation Position Paper on Good Manufacturing Practices for Atypical Actives

IPEC Federation Publishes Position Paper on GMP for Atypical Actives The IPEC Federation has is more >

IPEC-Americas Hosts Webinar for Excipient World 2019

Excipient World: A comprehensive overview of the upcoming conference and workshops including more >

Announcing a New Webinar Topic: The Facts about Titanium Dioxide (E171) Safety – A Debacle in France

The webinar was recorded and can be purchased using this link https://ipecamericas.org/excipi more >



CHPA's 2019 Regulatory, Scientific & Quality Conference

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13th World Drug Delivery Summit, Montreal, Canada

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22nd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Formulations

https://formulation.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/   2019 Hi more >


IPEC Europe Excipient Conference 2019

IPEC Europe Excipient Conference 2019, our 8th annual conference on more >